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Apple Pie Turnovers

Apple pie turnovers are simple and easy. They can be done in a matter of a few minutes. I serve them up with some ice cream with a drizzle..

June 10, 2018 with 0 Comments

Key Lime Pie Milk Shake

A key lime pie milk share is a delicious combination of lime, vanilla ice cream, graham crumbs, and whipped cream. Served up on a hot..

May 11, 2018 with 0 Comments

Banana Muffins with Nutella Swirls

Banana Nutella swirl muffins are simple and delicious. I always keep them on hand for when guest come over for coffee or tea. They also..

May 10, 2018 with 0 Comments

Irresistible Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Our chocolate cake with chocolate ganache is a delightful combination of double cakes with ganache on the top. You could combine this with..

April 28, 2018 with 0 Comments

Carrot Cake Cookie Sandwiches

Carrot cake cookie sandwiches are fast, easy, and delicious. I love them with a cup of coffee or a glass of milk. Believe me, your family..

April 3, 2018 with 0 Comments

Japanese Jiggly Cake – Light Cheesecake

Jiggly cotton cheesecake, sometimes referred to as Japanese jiggly cake or light cheesecake, is a soft, elegant, airy, and delicious cake...

March 5, 2018 with 0 Comments

Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls with Glaze

Chocolate cinnamon rolls are incredibly delicious swirls of semi sweet chocolate chips, cinnamon, and brown sugar, covered with a..

February 15, 2018 with 0 Comments

No Bake Oreo Cherry Cheesecake

No bake Oreo cherry cheesecake is decadent and delicious. Made with a delightful mixture of crushed Oreo cookies, butter, cream cheese,..

February 6, 2018 with 0 Comments

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Egg Salad Sandwich

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