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Ham and Cheese Pockets

Ham and cheese pockets are so simply to make and incredibly tasty. They make a great finger food for parties and social gatherings. The..

April 10, 2016 with 0 Comments

Homemade Egg Rolls

Egg rolls are a great snack or finger food. There are a variety of ways to make them, but this is our version which I find really tasty. I..

March 27, 2016 with 0 Comments

Mac and Cheese Pizza

Mac and Cheese Pizza is a welcomed alternative to traditional pizza. When I make it up, most of my friends are shocked for two reasons...

March 18, 2016 with 0 Comments

Apple Pastry

Apple pastry is so easy to make and incredibly delicious. All you have to do is buy some puff pastry, throw a few simple ingredients over..

February 25, 2016 with 0 Comments

Coconut Lemon Macaroons

Coconut lemon macaroons are so simplistic, yet so delicious. They are made from 5 simple ingredients which you can get just about anywhere...

February 21, 2016 with 0 Comments

Chicken Pineapple Sandwich

Chicken Pineapple Sandwich is a great treat and easy to prepare. The combination of the grilled pineapple slices and seasoned butterflied..

January 27, 2016 with 0 Comments

Baked Sriracha and Honey Chicken

Baked sriracha and honey chicken is incredibly good. I always make it up for parties and social occasions. Believe me, it’s always a..

November 8, 2015 with 0 Comments

Pineapple Cherry Pasty

Pineapple cherry pastry is super simple and incredibly delicious. It makes a great snack at parties as it can be eaten similar to pizza...

October 24, 2015 with 0 Comments

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