Before and after the cycle, blood tests for steroids


Before and after the cycle, blood tests for steroids

Amateurs and professionals alike are well aware of the risks associated with steroids. Many people are so driven to get the desired results quickly, increase performance, and endurance that they forget all about the potential health risks.

While there are situations where athletes take steroids without realizing it or are forced to by coaches, there are also those who are aware of their responsibility and try to keep themselves safe. There are many drugs that can neutralize the side effects and lower the risk for athletes who use steroids for any reason.

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However, if the individual is not taking anabolic steroids seriously, they may not be aware of a potential problem. This could be due to chronic conditions, contraindications or infections that were present before the cycle.

It is important to pass both blood tests for anabolic steroids before and after the cycle to reduce the risk of adverse effects. It is also recommended to have an additional examination of the internal organs by ultrasonography, in order to detect potential pathologies.

Which tests should I take before starting the cycle?

You should first contact your doctor or a therapist to review the card and any history of disease or pathologies. The doctor will draw the appropriate conclusions and send you to the examinations and tests. Below are the tests that must be completed before starting the cycle. To protect yourself as much as possible, you should pass all necessary tests before you take steroids.

You can contact private clinics or laboratories if you don't want the public doctors to know your plans to use steroids. There is only one difference between the two options: the price. You will have to pay for everything in a private lab or clinic, even consultations.

You will need blood and urine tests!

All necessary analyses are listed in order to ensure correct passing. The tests most important to the athlete will be listed with three exclamation marks. Two exclamation marks are the average analysis value, with one being optional but highly recommended for reinsurance.

Testing the cycle. Start

The most important part is the testing before starting the cycle. It is only then that it is possible to identify contraindications, draw conclusions about the dosage and choice of drug, and take into consideration individual characteristics. For those who have not been tested in 3 years, the following hormone tests must be performed:

Common and free testosterone

  • Follicle-stimulating hormone
  • Luteinizing hormone
  • Estrogen
  • Prolactin
  • Progesterone
  • Cortisol
  • Thyroxine

You should also pass other tests. Talk to your doctor about what else you should do.

Before passing blood or urine tests, there are rules

Keep in mind the main rule: Tests should not be taken after eating, as this can reduce the quality of the tests. All of them should be done with an empty stomach. It is also a good idea to eat something light the night before, at least three hours before bed. Your testosterone levels will drop if you consume glucose. Also, sexual intercourse should be done at least one day prior to your actual level of testosterone, prolactin and LH.

Avoid exercising for more than two days. Cardio workouts can have a negative impact on androgen levels and thyroid hormone levels. Analyses should be completed by 10 a.m., without stress and with sufficient sleep. Stress can affect your actual results.