Dan Bilzerian vs Alec Gores in $100 million heads-up


Instagrammer and poker professional Dan Bilzerian is soon to take on businessman Alec Gores in a $100 million heads-up; at least that is claimed by the former. In addition to being a social media influencer, Instagram celebrity Dan Bilzerian is also adept at poker, which he says has earned him millions of dollars.

Dan Bilzerian vs Alec Gores

If it were up to him, there would soon be a heads-up against Israeli-American businessman Alec Gores.

The businessman has an alleged fortune of $2.9 billion (converted: €2.51 billion) and, like Bilzerian, is an avid poker player.

According to Bilzerian, the buy-ins therein were about $400,000 and he is said to have won over $40 million from Gores in multiple poker games in Las Vegas. Gores adamantly denies this. You can play poker and play blackjack online in India to achieve same prizes.

YouTuber puts Dan and Alec on notice

Speaking with YouTube star Logan Paul, Bilzerian says Gores contacted him after the claim in his book that the Israeli-American businessman lost $40 million from him.

There is "a mutual disagreement" about that, according to Bilzerian. During the conversation, a new confrontation between the two was also reportedly discussed.

Initially, Bilzerian challenged him to play for $25 million at Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas.

Dan Bilzerian vs Alec Gores

The latest news from Bilzerian's camp is now that the showdown should take place at either Aria Casino or through PokerGO's online casino and that he is also considering having the showdown broadcast live on TV.

The stakes for both players should initially be $50 million, but if Gores wants to go even higher, the Instagram influencer says that is possible. Or as he puts it himself, "the money is already there".