Interview with an ECN Broker


Electronic Communication Network (ECN) merchants are in the news increasingly more consistently. This kind of dealer doesn't take the opposite side of its customer's exchanges, giving all exchanges straightforwardly to a bigger "liquidity supplier" all things being equal – at the end of the day, a bank or other monetary foundation offers actually positions. ECN agents bring in their cash through payments and spreads (the last of which are typically low), and as they don't take the opposite side of their customers' exchanges, don't benefit when their customers lose and have no undeniable expected irreconcilable circumstance with their customers. The equivalent can't be said of the customary "market creator" specialist model, which takes the opposite side of most or every one of its customers exchanges and depends for the largest part of its benefit upon its brokers losing cash constantly, or in figuring out which of its customers are skillful dealers or not, and covering as needs be. 

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Andrey Kalashnikov Trio Markets 

There is no question that the "market creator" model is simpler to offer, substantially more typical to เกี่ยวกับโบรกเกอร์ exness, and offers a more noteworthy measure of simple benefit. However lately we have been seeing a progression of customers to ECNs and agents are currently turning out to be more anxious to offer this alternative. With ongoing news about FXCM, there is expanded hypothesis regarding whether agent professes to follow an ECN model are in every case stringently exact. In light of this and some different issues, we set up some intense inquiries for Andrey Kalashnikov, the CEO of Trio Markets, our top suggested ECN intermediaries for 2017. 

All inquiries and end: 

Greetings Andrey! We'd prefer to begin by asking, who are your liquidity suppliers? Have you changed suppliers inside the most recent 3 years? 

We are working with LMAX Prime and Invast Global at this point. We have not transformed them over the most recent 3 years. 

It is safe to say that you are consistently ready to course requests to the liquidity supplier on your books as of now offering the "best cost"? 

We total the evaluating and execution in our Liquidity Pool. Customers are constantly executed per the best bid/ask accessible in our Liquidity suppliers. 

How could you adapt to the Swiss Franc emergency in 2015? 

We were a youthful representative in those days. Fortunately, we didn't have a major openness on CHF during the hour of the episode. 

What is the littlest amount your suppliers permit you to purchase from them in a solitary exchange? 

We can send 1,000 (0.01 Lots) on FX images. This shifts on CFDs, however in normal the base would be 1 agreement in the greater part of significant records. 

Do you need to make a market briefly for odd sums, or do you have a game plan with your liquidity provider(s) to adjust them toward the finish of every day at given costs? 

I know some Liquidity Providers works that way, since it isn't beneficial to send the modest quantities to the banks on the spot, hence they briefly make the market for limited quantities until an extensive sum collects before they pass it to the bank. 

Our permit as Retail Broker doesn't permit us to do such thing. We should send the orders on the spot. We can't make the market in any event, briefly. 

What programming do you use to deal with the exchanges between your customers and your liquidity suppliers? What are the major innovative difficulties you face? 

We are working with PrimeXM. They are the main Liquidity Bridge Provider in the Market. Their XCore innovation permits any exchange to arrive at the Liquidity by means of FIX API. Likewise, conveyance season of the request is exceptionally speedy which gives us an unrivaled execution. 

The significant test is the issue about the fate of MT4 Trading Platform. Metaquotes still up in the air to supplant it with MT5 and it will be an extraordinary test to take on the entirety of our mechanical framework to the new exchanging stage. 

Exchanging mindfulness is developing and there is incredible strive after new things. Merchants are continually searching for better and quicker execution along with straightforward liquidity which pushes us to add various stages, for example, CTrader, Ninja Trader and so forth Each extra exchanging stage carries the test with it. 

Do you imagine that representatives offering a market making model will see it more hard to agree with guideline later on? Could it be that market making models will become seen as unsatisfactory after some time by governments and controllers? 

Toward the day's end, there is a sticker price available making licenses and there will consistently be specialists ready to follow through on the cost. 

It is sure that controllers will make things harder and there will be more checking on representative exercises. 

In case there are minds the framework and dealers understand that they have no other alternative except for following the rules, there is zero excuse to make it inadmissible. 

What is the most grounded request you see these days from your customers/likely customers? 

Quick withdrawal, fast reaction, great help, reasonable execution and cutthroat exchanging conditions. 

Do you think a customer at any point has a legitimate, valid justification to incline toward a market producer model to an ECN model? 

Customers know that market producers are bringing in their cash from customer's back which is an extremely upsetting truth for them. I think this is the significant motivation behind why individuals would pick ECN model over market producers. 

What are the primary reasons you don't offer exchanging CFDs on individual offers? 

We just work with Liquidity Providers which we have no question of their believability. It isn't not difficult to observe one to be that will fulfill our serious need and deal a wide scope of items including the values. 

It is a lot harder to track down the right innovation and skill to coordinate yourself with stock trade. 

All things considered, I can't name it, however we have begun the interaction and we are wanting to offer the offers soon. 

Much obliged for your time Andrey, it was fascinating for us to hear your interpretation of these issues and get a window into your business. 


What we thought was generally fascinating with regards to Andrey's answers was first and foremost his candor in sharing the nuts and bolts of his plan of action. Numerous ECN agents won't name their liquidity suppliers, and this is frequently a decent sign that the specialist doing as such is anything but a "valid" ECN, which is frustrating for those looking for the genuine benefits which can be acquired by utilizing an ECN merchant. Andrey additionally affirmed that each and every one of his customer's orders is sent straight away for handling – there is no market making by any means, not even for a brief time. Furthermore, taking a gander at the business altogether, Andrey thinks the ECN/market producer model split will consistently proceed, with the market offering a specialty for the two kinds. He additionally makes reference to the coming eliminate of Metatrader 4, the most well known stage with retail Forex merchants all around the world, which might affect the two kinds of agents in the extremely not so distant future.