Tips for a beginner cosplayer: choosing, tailoring, makeup


Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter that was released in 2016 and immediately won the hearts of millions. Heroes from Blizzard Entertainment have always been in high demand among cosplayers, and Overwatch characters are no exception.

At first glance, cosplay may seem like a very simple act.

So, the very first and most important rule - do not underestimate what you are undertaking!

The costume may seem light, but the patterns will be difficult to find, the needle may break, and the thread will run out at the most inopportune moment, the wig may be of a different shade, or the ponytail of the wig does not hold at all as it should, etc. etc. And of course, keep in mind that good cosplay takes a lot of time and money.

There will be many difficulties, but if you are ready for anything - welcome to the wonderful world of cosplay!

Choosing a character

It can be a cute girl in a loli dress or a tall blue-eyed boy in strict clothes or ... a lot of other things or. But not every type may be right for you. This is a fairly common mistake among aspiring cosplayers. A man with a short stature is trying to cosplay a tall one, a girl with a curvy figure is already dressing an open costume of a sexy maid. Don't overdo it - it doesn't look like this at all. Choose a character to match: preferably at least a basic match of figure-height-physique. The right choice is a big step towards success!

We decide how and what, where we will get from: costumes, wigs, shoes, accessories and weapons.

At this stage, everyone does it differently. Option 1: sew by yourself; Option 2: buy from an anime or cosplay store, Both options are acceptable, and both have their pros and cons.

We sew ourselves

Now almost all cosplayers sew costumes on their own: they carefully select the necessary fabric, accessories, and, if necessary, other materials for related accessories.

If you decide to go this way, pay great attention to what fabric you will be sewing the costume from. A mistake in the initial choice - and the suit will no longer look the way it should. It is better to spend a little more time and visit many fabric stores to find the most suitable option.

Further - the details of the costume. Don't miss them in any way. Carefully study on the original costume: where and what buttons, embroidery, bows, lace, etc. And I also advise you to immediately think about shoes and a wig: you cannot make them yourself (unless you find more or less similar shoes, like the character's). In these cases, like it or not, you have to go to cosplay stores.


  • Lack of free time - Yes, get ready for the fact that all the time will go either on searches (material / accessories / patterns / articles, etc.), or on sewing and finishing. Many cosplayers often finish their sewing the day / night before the festival.
  • Oddly enough - but the cost of such sewing can be higher than the cost of the same sewing through a cosplay store.