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How to Debone an Entire Chicken for Stuffing

Stuffed chicken is a perfect dish for holidays such as Christmas and New Years. To make these days extra special, why not prepare an awesome boneless chicken stuffed with savory filling. In Filipino terms, this is called rellenong manok. The major challenge in making dishes such as this is deboning the chicken. Actually, learning this …

chicken sotanghon soup
Chicken Soup

Chicken Sotanghon Soup

Chicken Sotanghon Soup is a great recipe for cool, rainy days. In some provinces in the Philippines, this is commonly presented to visitors after the birth of a child. Although the noodles are more costly than those used in Bihon, it is one of the nicest soups I have tasted. It is sometimes served as …

lechon manok

Lechon Manok

Lechon Manok can be found on just about any street in the Philippines. It is classified as one of the Filipinos all time favorite dishes. It is always present at any special occasion, especially on Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It is commonly roasted or grilled but can also be baked in a conventional or …

chicken macaroni salad
Chicken Dessert Salad

Chicken Macaroni Salad

Chicken macaroni salad is one of the most popular salads anywhere. It makes an excellent side dish with many meals. It is fantastic for picnics or barbecues. This recipe is exceptionally pleasant and tasty. Serve this dish at Christmas, New Years, or at any party. It will be a guaranteed hit. Preparation Tips: You can …

chicken inasal

Homemade Chicken Inasal

Chicken inasal is originally from the Bacolod region of the Philippines. It is a variation of Lechon Manok or chicken barbeque. It became extremely famous due to its unique dipping and basting sauce. It is now referred to as “food for the masses.” I suppose this is because it brings many people from many walks …

rellenong manok

Rellenong Manok (Chicken Relleno)

Rellenong Manok (Chicken Relleno) is stuffed chicken  cooked in a conventional oven stuffed with savory filling. The filling is similar to embutido and rellenong bangus. It can be served on festive occasions such as family gatherings, parties and special holidays such as Christmas and New Years. However, it is not that easy to prepare compared to …