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Noodles Soup

Chicken Sopas (Noodle soup)

Sopas or (Chicken noodle soup) is Macaroni noodles with shredded chicken and vegetables. Other meat can be substitute such as pork and beef. It can also be cooked with spaghetti noodles, just make sure they are cut in small pieces. It is healthy, creamy and tasty. Today, Filipinos love to make their sopas a little …

tuna spaghetti

Tuna Spaghetti

Tuna (Pasta) Spaghetti easy and simple to prepare. This is a good combination when served with wine. It is usually prepared for snacks or dinner. I made this recipe one night for visitors and used the left over pasta from the holidays. Since I was rushing and no time to prepare, I thought it was …

pancit molo
Noodles Soup

Molo Soup (Pancit Molo)

Molo soup is a rich Filipino dish made from ground pork wrapped in a Wanton wrapper, simmered and cooked with chicken stock, shrimps, and shredded chicken. It is adopted from the Chinese recipe “Dinsum” and has become one of the popular soups in the Philippines. It is perfect for cold, rainy days. You will notice …

Noodles Pork Soup


Batchoy is an authentic noodle soup dish of the Philippines. It’s made with fresh broth, miki noodles topped with boiled pork meat and garnished with crushed pork cracklings. This dish originated the province of Ilo-Ilo, particularly in La Paz. Thus, it is famously known as “La Paz Batchoy.” This dish has different variations. Some local …

baked macaroni with cheese

Baked Macaroni with Cheese

Baked macaroni with cheese is made with macaroni noodles and topped with a variety of cheeses. It is a classic comfort food which has become popular all over the world. The difference between the Filipino version and the more authentic recipes is the use of spaghetti sauce and white sauce. In light of this, it can …