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Appetizer Pork

Pork Siomai

Pork siomai (shiomai) is a dimsum Chinese dish made with wonton wrapper, meat and vegetable filling. It is a fast-food usually sold in the food courts or catering carts in the Philippines.  Pork is the most common filling of siomai. It is usually cooked by steaming and serving it with soy sauce, roasted garlic, and …

misua with meatballs
Noodles Pork Soup

Misua with Meatballs

Misua with meatballs is a delicious, hearty soup made with pork meatballs, somen noodles, and vegetables. This dish is one of the best lutong bahay dishes I have tasted and makes an excellent soup during the winter and rainy days. It is also referred to as almondigas, as it is a “Filipino version of almondigas”. …


Pork Sisig

Sisig is a mixture of pig’s ear and liver. It is topped with fresh onions and spices, such as hot chili peppers. The addition of the peppers makes the recipe quite spicy. This is one of the reasons it has become a great beer match in the Philippines. It is often served with fresh eggs …

pork giniling

Pork Giniling (Ground pork stew)

Pork Giniling (giniling na baboy) is a favorite Filipino recipe made of ground pork, carrots and potatoes etc. The ingredient is similar to menudo but different in cut of meat. Giniling means ground. Literally, this dish used ground pork. Like menudo, this dish is pleasing to the eye because of it’s colorful ingredients. It makes …

Filipino bbq

Filipino Pork BBQ

This is a terrific recipe that can be not only be enjoyed in the summer, but any time of year. It is traditionally cooked as a pork BBQ, but beef or chicken can also be used. In western terms, this is also known as a shish kabob. As a variation of this recipe, you can …


Pork Hardinera

Pork Hardinera is a classic Filipino meatloaf made with ingredients such as pork, sausage, cheese, tomato, sauce, and bell peppers. It is thick and has a similar taste to Embutido; however, the use of additional ingredients makes it especially unique. It originated in Marikina and Lucban Quezon. This dish is sometimes called pork everlasting and …

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