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Kimbap – Korean Rice Rolls

Kimpap or gimbap is a traditional Korean food which literally means kim for “dried seaweed” and pap means “rice.” It is made with seasoned cooked rice rolled in a dry seaweed sheet. It is commonly stuffed with fillings such as carrots, cucumber, fish cakes, crab meat, and more. In Japan, this dish is called sushi …

arroz valenciana
Chicken Pork Rice

Arroz Valenciana

Arroz valenciana is a famous fried rice dish in the Philippines. It is an incredibly flavorful dish made with glutinous rice, meat, and vegetables. The recipe originated in Negros province. It is similar to Paella of Spain and bringhe of Pampanga province. The main difference is the Ingredients used. It is usually served during special …

ham and egg fried rice
Breakfast Rice

Ham and Egg Fried Rice

Ham and egg fried rice is one of many variations of fried rice or sinangag. The difference is  additional ingredients such as ham, eggs and peas. It  seems complicated to cook but, in reality, it is quick and easy. It’s much tastier than the traditional, old garlic fried rice that we usually eat at home. …

chicken pineapple rice
Chicken Rice

Chicken Pineapple Rice

Chicken pineapple rice has been influenced by neighboring countries of the Philippines such as Malaysia and China. It is a popular breakfast served in many hotels all over Asia. Many types of meat such as pork, shrimp, or even beef can be used for this recipe. Local Filipino Tocino can also be used. This dish …

beef goto
Beef Rice

Beef Goto

Pinoy Goto or lugaw belongs to the Congee family. It is a popular comfort food in the Philippines. It differs from other Congee recipes such as arrozcaldo because it uses beef tripe. Today, it is sometimes called hangover soup. This is especially popular among teenagers and beer drinkers. The recipe is commonly sold early in …

nasi goreng

Malaysian Nasi Goreng (fried rice)

Nasi goreng fried rice is a popular dish which is served in many locations around the world. “Nasi goreng” actually means “fried rice” in Indonesian. It is especially popular in parts of Asia. It is served for breakfast in the Pacific regions and lunch in other Asian countries. In Malaysia, nasi goreng  is one of their …

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