how to cook rice
How to Rice

How to Cook Rice

Rice has so many applications and goes with so many dishes. You can buy precooked rice at the grocery store, but why would you if you can make it at home. This recipe provides you with a simple, failproof method of cooking rice that can be ready in about half an hour. I have used the method time after time and always get perfect, light, and fluffy rice. I usually use a long grained rice, but you can use your favorite rice.

Some rice comes prewashed and rinsed. If that’s the case, you can simply skip this step and get the rice right into the pot. If not, inspect the rice carefully and remove any debris or pebbles. Then, pour some water over it and swoosh it around and mix it with your hands. Discard the murky water and repeat this step three times or until the water remains clear.





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  • 1 cup of uncooked rice
  • 2 cups of water
  • pinch of salt (optional)


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  • Yield: 3 cups
  • Level: Basic
  • Time: 23 minutes
  • Cuisine: International




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Clean and rinse the rice. The instructions on how to do this are above in the recipe description. Add the rice, water, and salt to a pot and give it a quick stir. Over high heat, bring it to a boil. Partially cover the pot with a lid, reduce the heat to low, and allow it to simmer for 20 minutes.


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