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ham and egg fried rice
Breakfast Rice

Ham and Egg Fried Rice

Ham and egg fried rice is one of many variations of fried rice or sinangag. The difference is  additional ingredients such as ham, eggs and peas. It  seems complicated to cook but, in reality, it is quick and easy. It’s much tastier than the traditional, old garlic fried rice that we usually eat at home. …

beef tapa
Beef Breakfast

Beef Tapa (Tapang baka)

Beef Tapa has become increasingly popular in the Philippines. It is commonly served with breakfast. It is, however, great with any meal. You can find it in many fast food restaurants and carinderias in the Philippines. It is traditionally sun dried. Time does not always allow this, however. In this recipe, we use a marinating …

tortang giniling
Beef Breakfast Eggs

Tortang Giniling

Tortang Giniling is the Filipino version of a ground beef omelet. This is a recipe which is easy to prepare and is frequently served for breakfast in the Philippines. For a  healthier version of this, you can substitute chicken instead of beef. The tricky part of making this, as with any omelet, is flipping it …