David Hood and Gerald Sales are co-owners of Cook n’ Share – World cuisines. Both of us love the art of cooking and share a common interest in the goal of this site. We want to provide our readers with up do date international recipes with simple instructions.

David Hood is from Ontario, Canada. He is currently a teacher, but he has had considerable experience in the food industry. His cooking roots began in a small family owned restaurant. There he had a desire to please the taste buds of his customers, friends, and family . Since then, David has developed a taste and passion for Filipino Cuisine. He says, “There is no better place to share my talents and interests than on a website such as Cook n’ Share!”


Gerald Sales also has considerable experience in the Food Industry. He worked in restaurants in the Philippines and has completed several training courses such as “Waitering in Manila.” He also has experience in South Korea and Malaysia. He is a graduate of Hotel and Restaurant Management and Business IT.

If you’re like most people who want to learn how to cook great food, you’ve already taken the first step by visiting this site. Feel free to contact us at admin@cooknshare.com and share your recipes. You can also fill out our form on our “Share Your Recipes Page.”

Please remember, this is also a great site for beginners who wants to learn the tips tips cooking authentic Asian and American dishes. Just follow all of the procedure and ingredients. We will reveal the secrets and tips of the world famous cuisines. Enjoy the life of cooking!


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  1. My message is for Dave to ask you to confirm your quantities as per the lemon cookie video. Since last year when i discovered your website – though i have produced lemon cookies from following your reccipe they are never look like yours.
    Today I was just about to start to make cookies when i notice a discrepancy in your quantities – you say 1& half cups flour 180g & 1 cup sugar 200g.

    I would appreciate you confirm . Thank you Elizabeth Nicholls

    1. Hi Elizabeth. Sorry for the late reply. So glad you are making and enjoying the cookies. I will change and fix the discrepancy. I should be 1 cup of sugar. 1 1/2 will be a bit on the sweet side. That might account for a few people saying they were too sweet. In therms of not looking like ours, I have a couple of questions. Are they two soft or hard or are they flat?

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