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sweet and sour fish fillets
Asian Recipes Seafood

Sweet and Sour Fish Fillets

As always, 30 minute fish fillets are simple and easy. They only involve a few simple ingredients such as pineapple juice, ketchup, brown sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, corn starch, and ground black pepper for the sauce. I use haddock, but you can use the fish or your choice. The fish is heated and fried at …

tuna pies
Appetizer Bread Seafood

Tuna Pie

Tuna pies are simple simple to make and incredibly delicious. All you need is a couple of cans of tuna, some puff pastry you can pick up in the frozen section of any grocery store, and a few other simple ingredients you will probably have in your fridge and pantry. It does not get much …

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