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Arab Seven Spice

Arab seven spice is a mixture of spices unique to the Middle East and Mediterranean regions. When these different spices are combined, they create a taste and odor unlike any other I have encountered. The great thing is that you don’t have cook Mediterranean or Arab food in order to use this. The mixture is …

tahini sauce
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How to make Tahini Sauce

Tahini sauce is a popular Middle Eastern sauce made with sesame seeds and oil. It is commonly served as a dressing for sandwiches and a sauce for Kebab food. In other words, it is a condiment. The reason we feature this sauce is that it is good for “Shawarma” dishes. Yes, it’s Tahini and not …

annatto oil
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How to make Annatto (Achiote) Oil

Annatto oil is made from annatto seeds commonly known as Atsuete or Achiote. They can be combined with any type of cooking oil. Its oil is red in color and is usually used for food coloring. It makes any kind of dish more vibrant; however, there is no effect on the taste of the food. …

deboning 1
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How to Debone an Entire Chicken for Stuffing

Stuffed chicken is a perfect dish for holidays such as Christmas and New Years. To make these days extra special, why not prepare an awesome boneless chicken stuffed with savory filling. In Filipino terms, this is called rellenong manok. The major challenge in making dishes such as this is deboning the chicken. Actually, learning this …

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