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Malunggay Corn Soup

Malunggay Corn Soup is a native Filipino dish which is a combination of Mulunggay leaves and white corn. It is a healthy and easy to prepare. Lutong bahay is perfect for lunch on cold, rainy days. Malungay trees are everywhere in the Philippines. If you have a Malungay tree in your backyard, you can have …

french onion soup

French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup is commonly made with Swiss or Gruyere cheese, croutons or bread, caramelized onions, and beef broth. It is delicious, appealing, and perfect for chilly days. Although it originated in France, it has become a popular dish throughout the world. This dish is certainly one of my personal favorites. Yellow onions are the …

pancit molo
Noodles Soup

Molo Soup (Pancit Molo)

Molo soup is a rich Filipino dish made from ground pork wrapped in a Wanton wrapper, simmered and cooked with chicken stock, shrimps, and shredded chicken. It is adopted from the Chinese recipe “Dinsum” and has become one of the popular soups in the Philippines. It is perfect for cold, rainy days. You will notice …

chicken sotanghon soup
Chicken Soup

Chicken Sotanghon Soup

Chicken Sotanghon Soup is a great recipe for cool, rainy days. In some provinces in the Philippines, this is commonly presented to visitors after the birth of a child. Although the noodles are more costly than those used in Bihon, it is one of the nicest soups I have tasted. It is sometimes served as …

patola with misua
Soup Vegetables

Patola with Misua Soup

Patola with Misua Soup is made with thin flour noodles and patola, which is a loofah gourd vegetable. When the vegetables and noodles are combined, they blend into a very tasty soup especially when served on cold and rainy day. This is an old recipe I got from my mom, and it’s excellent served with fried …

Noodles Pork Soup


Batchoy is an authentic noodle soup dish of the Philippines. It’s made with fresh broth, miki noodles topped with boiled pork meat and garnished with crushed pork cracklings. This dish originated the province of Ilo-Ilo, particularly in La Paz. Thus, it is famously known as “La Paz Batchoy.” This dish has different variations. Some local …

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