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Cookies Dessert

Flower Jam Cookies

Our flower cookies are so easy to bake. They are one of the nicest cookies I have ever tasted. All you need are a few ingredients and jam. Believe me, the entire family will love them.  I use blueberry and peach jam, but you can use the jam of your choice. For example, strawberry or …

Cookies Dessert

Easy Meringue Cookies

Meringue cookies is every one favorite snacks made of egg whites. This is easy to make and only needs three ingredients. I always serve them up with a cup of coffee, tea, or milk. As well, the kids will love them. Of course, you can alter the sugar according to your taste. Give them a …

french macarons
Cookies Snacks

French Raspberry Macarons

Raspberry macaroons and a small round cookie with raspberry filling in the middle. Take my word, they are fairly easy to make, although some claim they are complicated, and delicious. I make them a lot, and every body loves them. There are a few tricks to the recipe. To begin with, you can use crushed …

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