Kenny Roger’s Roaster SM Mall Dasmariñas

Kenny Roger’s roasters was founded by the country singer Kenny Rogers and John Y. Brown the former governor of Kentucky. The chain failed in the United States but flourished in Asia – especially in the Philippines.

I have eaten twice at the chain both in Manila and Dasma City. I did find the food in Manila quite good. We had the roasted chicken group meal. The chicken was done perfectly and the side dishes were very good. The service was fast and friendly.

I did have a different experience at the Kenny Roger’s Roaster in Dasmarinas city, however. I went there with a family to celebrate one of their birthdays. We took a look and the menu and ordered the “All Grill.” This consists of ribs, sausage, chicken, steak, 4 side dishes, and a pitcher of iced tea. The menu said that it feeds four to six.

Upon receiving the order, I was terribly disappointed with the portions. There was one sausage, a small portion of ribs, a tiny steak, and a chicken filet. The side dishes were small, but they were as delicious as the ones in Manila. I ordered a second meal and told the waiter that there was no way it could possibly feed 4 to 6 adults. He looked at me nonchalantly.

This problem was minor compared to the second one. The chicken filet was raw! It was not merely a little undercooked, it was literally pink and slimy. I took it back up and told the waiter it was “raw.” This was a term he seemly didn’t understand as he looked at me, smiled, and said: “Good chicken.” I informed him “not cooked.” He took it to the manager, and a group of them had a discussion around the plate of chicken. The manager came to our table and profusely apologized. Then, she offered us another meal for free. Of course we accepted the offer. When this meal arrived, it was well cooked and quite good. I have to say that the manager did a fantastic job.

In conclusion, I have no qualms about the quality of the cooked food, service, or atmosphere of the restaurant. I do have concerns, however, about their quality control. This is one of the most important. elements in the food industry. On the other hand, I understand mistakes are part of life, but we should only make them once. I would go back to Kenny Roger’s Roaster again, but I would warily inspect the doneness of my chicken.



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