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banana bread
Bread Dessert

Moist Banana Bread

This classic bread is made with common baking ingredients and ripe bananas. Banana bread is a recipe that is over 75 years old. It has been in kitchens since the early 1930’s. As a result of being a fruit based dessert, it is healthy, delicious and simple to make. It is likewise a great way …

Bread Dessert

Sponge Cake (Mamon)

Sponge cake (Mamon as it’s called in the Philippines) is a Filipino yellow sponge cake made with a few simple ingredients such as eggs, flour and sugar. It is sweet, soft and spongy. This delcious dessert comes in different shapes and flavors,  as well. In the Philippines, you can see mamon made into many shapes such …

pan de coco
Bread Dessert

Pan de Coco Buns

Pan de Coco is a classic Filipino bun with a sweet coconut filling. It originated in Spain and became one of the oldest breads in the country along with pandesal, spanish bread, ensaymada, and mamon. Sometimes, it is called “coconut buns” or “coconut bread”. Pan de coco is commonly sold in many bakeries in the Philippines. It …

Bread Dessert Pork

Siopao Steamed Buns

Siopao is a steamed bun which originated as a Chinese cuisine. It is one of the popular dimsum dishes. It is usually spongy, white, round, soft and made with dough and filling. In the Philippines, it comes in different flavors such as asado and bola-bola. The type of meat used is optional. This dish can …

garlic bread
Appetizer Bread

Garlic Bread

Garlic bread is delicious. It is made with french baguette or Italian bread, garlic, and butter. It can be toasted and crispy or soft and chewy depending on your preferences. It can also be topped with mozzarella or Parmesan cheese. In this recipe, we use crushed garlic; however, minced or garlic powder will also do. …

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