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breaded chicken fillet

Breaded Chicken Fillet

Breaded chicken fillets are made from boneless breasts coated with eggs, flour, and bread crumbs. Green peas, carrots, and potatoes are excellent selections as a side dish. These fillets make an excellent lunch or dinner for the family. They are fast, easy to prepare, and make a fantastic lunchbox addition. You may also want to …

pininyahang manok

Pininyahang Manok (Chicken Pineapple Stew)

Pininyahang manok  (chicken pineapple stew) is chicken marinated in pineapple juice. It is commonly cooked with pineapple chunks, bell peppers, and milk. There are two options to make the soup creamy and tasty. One is using fresh milk, and the other is using coconut milk. Most locals use coconut milk. It’s thicker and adds flavor …

chicken pineapple rice
Chicken Rice

Chicken Pineapple Rice

Chicken pineapple rice has been influenced by neighboring countries of the Philippines such as Malaysia and China. It is a popular breakfast served in many hotels all over Asia. Many types of meat such as pork, shrimp, or even beef can be used for this recipe. Local Filipino Tocino can also be used. This dish …

chicken cordon bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu

Chicken Cordon Bleu originated in Europe. It is perfect a perfect family dinner. It is a combination of chicken fillets, cheese, and ham – depending on the country where it is served. Pork and beef can also be substituted in place of chicken. The thing I truly love about this dish is it’s pretty much …

tinolang manok
Chicken Soup

Tinolang Manok (Chicken Stew)

Tinolang Manok or Chicken stew is a traditional Filipino soup made from papayas, chili leaves, and chicken. It is easy to prepare and makes an utterly delicious lunch for the whole family. It’s much tastier when a native chicken is used. If native chickens are not available, then any type of chicken can be used. …


Chicken Arroz Caldo

Chicken Arrozcaldo means “hot rice” or rice porridge. This is popular recipe in the Philippines and comes in many varieties. Traditionally, many people believed that this is a comforting food for the sick. Nowadays, however, many locals serve this for birthdays and many other occasions. Arroz caldo is a perfect combination with Calamansi and fish …

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