ginataang langka

Ginataang Langka

Ginataang Langka (jackfruit in coconut milk) is a local vegetable found in the Philippines and is sometimes called Jack fruit. This dish is exotic when cooked with coconut milk. Other variations use diced pork for additional flavor. For a healthier result, this recipe simply uses the jackfruit and dried fish.  Dried fish like daing, sasap, …

pininyahang manok

Pininyahang Manok (Chicken Pineapple Stew)

Pininyahang manok  (chicken pineapple stew) is chicken marinated in pineapple juice. It is commonly cooked with pineapple chunks, bell peppers, and milk. There are two options to make the soup creamy and tasty. One is using fresh milk, and the other is using coconut milk. Most locals use coconut milk. It’s thicker and adds flavor …

sinigang na hipon

Sinigang na Hipon (Shrimp)

Sinigang means cooking a dish with sour soup. Tamarind, calamansi extract, and  tomatoes are usually the ingredients used to make the soup sour. One of the variation of sinigang dishes is sinigang na hipon. This soup can be cooked using a variety of vegetables and meat. In this case, we are using shrimp or prawn …

chicken pineapple rice
Chicken Rice

Chicken Pineapple Rice

Chicken pineapple rice has been influenced by neighboring countries of the Philippines such as Malaysia and China. It is a popular breakfast served in many hotels all over Asia. Many types of meat such as pork, shrimp, or even beef can be used for this recipe. Local Filipino Tocino can also be used. This dish …

Beef Soup

Beef Bulalo Recipe

Bulalo is close cousin to Nilagang Baka. The main difference is the cut of meat used. Beef shank and beef bone marrow are used in this dish. The recipe uses a variety of  vegetables which include carrots, string beans, potatoes, and cabbage. In my family, we corn and pechay. This is completely optional, however. The …

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